"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

30 November 2008

enam BELAS


Alhamdulillah. i'm sixteen!! a year pass in like a nick of time but waiting to be sixteen is like waiting for a bus yg rosak di tengah jalan. why eh? hahahh. dont know why this year i cud not wait for my sixteenth birthday although being sixteen is being sixteen lah.so what? hahah.

it's getting near! it's getting nEARR!!! hehe.ape2 pun before i celebrate anything i must thank to Allah subhanallahuwataala for keeping me alive until these days. He had also given me a lot of REZEKIs.family.friends.health.knowledge.foods. hahah. u can never count how many rezekis Allah had given u but what u can do is always be thankful :) and insyaallah Allah will give more in the future.even for my birthday this time, i got plenty of REZEKIs. happiness that is.thank u Allah :) isn't He the Greatest? hihi.

Being Sixteen
how should i say this? being sixteen is being form 4 lah.haha. this year had been a very challenging one. studying and living in MRSM actually teaches me to be more independent in life. without my dad to buy stuffs, my mum to do my laundry, my brothers to be my driver LOL XD sorry dudes! without farah to inspire me, my room, my bed, everything i do by myself ;p i know its nothing much but one thing i really appreciate. i get more friends! :D and peeps, i tell u i enjoy life at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa no matter how bad, how boring, how tough, how stupid that place is because this is life! there's nothing easy. life is all sweet and sour, right? so please. stop complaining and start to enjoy your life and appreciate it no matter where you are ;p and i still have one more year at PC.i cant wait actually because in this one remaining year, a lot, i mean A LOT of things could happen and that will teach me more about LIFE :D yep.

two days before, mama and adi already bought my present :D hihi. because it's something that i have to choose by myself and i loove it! a day before, i was singing in my shower when i heard my lil brother called for me. heh? sebuk je org tgh mandi nih. i finished my shower and i saw something on my table.an envelope. pretty big. i put on my shirts and eagerly open it. there were a letter, a postcard and another two smaller envelopes. hurm. i wonder who gave it to me. i read the letter and almost cried. it's from AYESHA. a very thoughtful friend whom i havent met for 7 years. i could not remember when was the last time we contacted each other if she didnt mentioned it in the letter.more than a year ago. thats long isnt it? i opened the other envelope. it's a birthday card. it was very nice. she gave me her latest pictures in the other envelope. i look at it with an awe. she is a very beautiful person. i wish i could meet her someday. i really do. i felt very guilty for being such a bad and forgetful friend while she is very kind and very thoughtful. thank you Allah for giving me a friend like her. & i hope our friendships will last as long as it can :)

the card

oh finally the day. wishes pouring in and thats it. haha. my family dont celebrate birthdays secare besar-besaran. LOL. i attended a wedding. wee, they got married on my birthday! haha. then i went to kampong because my atuk is sick. sian atuk. the thing is kan, he could be very healthy if he is well taken care of. hmm..i dont know la adults. dont want to get involve in. then pegi umah nenek (well yea, my mum's and dad's satu kampong jer ;p) seronok spending time ngan nenek. cayunk nenek and atuk! :) hope u guys will always be alive and kicking :P hihi. and then went to dinner at our favourite restaurant. Restoran Tasik Indah. Makan seafood la apa lagi. my family memang suke makan lagi2 with two big brothers yang memang enjoyy makan. haha. it was veeeryy deee-ley-sheous! with my brother ordering lobster, harga pun deee-ley-sheous gler! hehe. thanks bah for the treat! oh, my abah rocks! he's playing PSP seeing my brothers asyik main jer. he said : hah! babah bawak gi office lah. haha. Command & Conquer. it's a game of perang. well, for an ex-army it really is his GAME. enjoyy bah!

&& thank you so much to all my friends who remembers my day.
i love you guys! ;p

29 November 2008

i started a blog!

Hey, i started a blog!
LOL. as if it is such a big deal.
wait a sec.
it is a BIG DEAL.
from now on, i wud write my unique storias
ade la this person kata suka dgr my citer
so after this, insyaallah all those unique-stories-la-konon
will be HERE :D
s o o n.