"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

26 June 2010


Assalamualaikum :)

Yesterday we had the golden opportunity to meet our senior from Moscow Medical Academy (thats where I want to go!) His name was Firdaus. Tall, big, and quite handsome. hahaha. He was pretty much 'sempoi'. 

Firdaus: Dzrastvuitye! Minya zavut Firdaus. Ya iz Moskobskoy Meditsinski Akademii.

waah :O his slang was good because he has this deep and big voice. Miss Penny said we was the star in their batch (last year's batch)

Firdaus: pilih satu bahasa, Russia, English, Malay? kita cakap melayu lah k ;)

and so he talked in Malay. much more comfortable for us too. hahah. he talked about a lot of things on how great living in Moscow is compared to Volgograd and Nizhnynovgorod. In Moscow, you get to visit many interesting places that he said even if you live there for 5 years, you wouldn't have finished visiting all the places but if in Volgo, around a month and Nizhny for 2 days only x) There are shopping malls and plenty of shops to get supplies though he said that the living cost is pretty high compared to Malaysia but with the allowance you get, you actually always have money. For example, in Malaysia we can eat for only RM5 and feel full already but in Moscow the price would be like RM15! Well, Moscow is the most expensive city in the world. hahah

He had just finished his first year and he had already traveled to UK and France during his last winter holiday. wow, gler best :D and one more plus point of studying in MMA is that the class aren't as pack as the Volgo's and Nizhny's and you will have a longer holidays :D bahagia je abang tu. he told us about this one friend of his which used a 'cikai' phone in Malaysia but when he's in Moscow, he bought a super hi-tech phone. he even said that when one bought iPhone, everybody else bought one too xD i want an iPhone! the internet connection in Moscow is very fast compared to Malaysia but he said that if in Volgo, it's the same as in Malaysia and Nizhny is slightly slower =.=' huhuh.

Shopping! he said that the girls there have 3 winter jackets, 3 spring jackets and even a jacket for summer! hahah and he said don't buy winter jacket in Malaysia because it doesn't have quality and the ones in Russia is much more fashionable :D ohh, he made Russia and Moscow sound so great that i couldn't wait to fly there x) InsyaAllah.

How Moscow sounded so great, there's also the disadvantages like you need to be ready for class 2 hours earlier because the trip to class is daleko!(far) u need to take the bus and the metro. huhuh but he said when you get used to it, it doesn't feel that long and you can do a lot of thing in the metro like 'tengok orang' hahah.

he advised us to speak Russian frequently as it helps to communicate and survive well. alright! he gave me spirit to study russian language! hahah

we asked him on how was the evaluation for the allocation to which university. he himself was not sure but there were a few assumptions  like based on final exam results, Intec's suggestions, interview performance, SPM results. and then he said, like if Moscow, it's only for SPC's students, not SPT.

at that moment i was heart-broken :( because of my SPM results that day, I was changed to SPT instead of SPC. how am i going to go to Moscow? :( :( sob sob. sedih hati i time tu. i'm sorry Nawal, maybe we couldn't go to Moscow together dear.

balik rumah masa cakap dengan mama terasa sebak pulak sebab memang dari awal aku nak pilih Moscow. bukan macam orang2 lain yang kata taknak pegi Moscow tapi lepas dengar Firdaus cakap, rasa nak pilih Moscow pulak. sedih, memang sedih tapi lepas tu teringat apa yang aku belajar kat ESQ:

takpelah Nisha, dunia ni sementara je, mana2 pun sama asalkan kita tetap berada di jalan Allah SWT. asalkan belajar jugak. yang penting tu, BELAJAR. kalau diri sendiri pun tak perform well kat sini, tak payah mimpi la nak pegi Top Medical University kat Rusia. sesungguhnya, Allah itu tahu apa yang terbaik untuk diri kita. tak semestinya apa yang kita nak tu baik untuk kita dan tak semestinya benda yang kita taknak tu tak baik untuk diri kita. Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui dan Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya di luar kemampuan hambanya itu. aku selalu berpegang pada ayat ni bila aku rasa susah. kalau aku tak mampu, takkan Allah letakkan aku di Intec ni. so, sebab Allah tahu aku mampulah Allah letakkan aku dan berikan aku peluang di Intec ni. aku je yang perlu sedar dan cuba cari jalan. dan apa yang kita dapat tu adalah rezeki. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki dan dah memang takdir Allah nak hantar aku pergi Moscow, InsyaAllah akan dapat jugak tapi kalau rezeki aku di tempat lain maka ke situlah aku akan pergi. Allah Maha Mengetahui akan kemampuan diri kita :)

dan satu lagi, Allah SWT sebenarnya sangat menyayangi diri kita semua. segala apa yang Allah jadikan dan berikan kepada kita ada hikmah di sebaliknya dan hikmah itu perlu kita ungkaikan dengan sendiri. ingatlah semua, udara yang kita sedut, cahaya yang kita nikmati, dua-dua ni nikmat Allah yang memberi kita kehidupan sehingga saat ini. Allah itu sangat dekat dengan kita kalau kita sentiasa mengingatiNya :) insyaAllah.

so sejak cuti dan ESQ hari tu, aku berazam nak berubah sebab sekarang aku dah tahu apa tujuan kita hidup di dunia ni. aku nak belajar bersungguh-sungguh demi Allah SWT. ilmu itu milik Allah kan? :) aku nak belajar supaya aku tidak melepaskan peluang belajar di Rusia dan aku nak jadi seorang doktor yang akan berbakti kepada masyarakat. insyaAllah :) 


  1. Здравствуйте.

    Номоему, Москва- ето не очень хорошо. The fact that only SPC students only and just a fraction can go to Moscow Medical Academy lucidly shows how tough studies in there. Yes, having a long holidays and lots of money sure is an attractive deal, but personally I don't think I would be enjoying those too much. Those things are merely curses for me, and it will bring me no good at all. But, perhaps this is just something subjective.

    But, anyway, let me correct you- Moscow isn't the most expensive city in the world. It's in the third rank, right after two Japanese cities, Tokyo and Osaka. But it remained the most expensive city in the Europe, of course.

    Reference: Mercer Cost of Living Survey – Worldwide Rankings, 2009, http://www.finfacts.ie/costofliving.htm

    And don't worry, dear. He up there is planning a better future ahead of you. Studying in Moscow, specifically MMA, might be something to be proud of. But if we think thoroughly enough, we would eventually see that regardless of where we study, it's just the same. All the seniors I stumbled upon in Facebook both in Nizhny Novgorod and Volgogorad is having an euphoric time there in their respective places.

  2. Здравствуйте.
    Большое спасибо! well that's something to think about. heheh. thank you for your advice!