"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

29 July 2011

together is always better than alone :)


today, let's talk about togetherness :D who doesn't love to be with someone? is there anyone who actually loves to be alone? and when i wrote someone there, i meant anyone. friends, families, legal soul mate etc. our lives were not to be spent alone because even Allah created Hawa for Adam since the very beginning and human race began to grow to enormous numbers.

Allah always know whats best for us. for He is the Most Loving and the Most Caring. there are a lot of advantages for togetherness. hahah, i hope u guys understand what i meant by 'togetherness'. i'm trying to say about doing stuffs with other people rather than do it solely on your own. so when you found the word 'togetherness', always picture that :)

well, living in Moscow taught me a lot about togetherness. from praying 5 times a day, studying and discussing, eating dinner and even walking outside. walk alone even to the nearest store, they'd go crazy. umm, taklah sampai tahap crazy. hehe. its not that Russia is dangerous and not safe or whatever, its just that being alone is like bringing out the individualism in you. and islam, does not permit a muslim to be individualistic. there's no specific hukum for it (not that i know of if there's one. huu~) but when a muslim is alone, it will make syaitan at ease because at that time, it's easy for syaitan to whisper bad things to you and the tendency for you to actually listen and follow it is definitely higher. its different with when you are with other people, among the good ones, you are actually being much stronger. trust me, it does.

solat jemaah is like one of the greatest thing to do. you get 27 times more than a solat done by oneself. solat jemaah can actually make you stronger. it gives you strength. not just spiritually but also medically. spiritually, solat jemaah helps us to be more khusyuk in our solat than alone. for me, when i solat alone, i tend to think about other stuffs. worldly stuffs. which is not good. think about it, solat is for Allah but what we think about during solat is not Him. dont you feel like it's not right? "Sesungguhnya, beribadatlah kamu kepada Allah seolah-olah kamu melihat Allah dan Allah melihat kamu". i admit i am not perfect and i still have a lot of weakness to be improved. even i, during solat jemaah, always think of worldly beings. but then, when i came to my senses that i am now praying besides my friends, isn't it shameful that they are actually praying in khusyuk and i am not? yes it's true, beribadatlah seperti Allah melihat kamu bukannya seperti manusia melihat kamu but it's a way to start. when i realize that i've been thinking of worldly stuffs, i could try to deviate from it  and return to Allah. i remembered one of our sharing sessions, yes we are forgetful in our solat but we can try not to. it is considered as steps to perfect your solat. usaha tu penting :)

medically, solat jemaah is actually good for our hearts. i read in The Intelligent Heart, The Pure Heart : An Insight into the Heart Based on the Quran, Sunnah and Modern Science by Dr Gohar Mustaq, the heart when it pumps, produces waves. in one experiment, he put a single heart cell in a petri dish, the heart cell beats itself until a certain time it slows down and finally dies. in another experiment, two heart cells are put in the same petri dish but in a slight distance between each other, amazingly beat in the same rhythm and never stops. this is because, the wave it transmit keep the heart cells beat together in the same rhythm. during solat jemaah, when we stand side by side, all our hearts are actually becoming connected to each other and beat in the same rhythm. this is very healthy for our hearts :)

if people ask me i prefer self-study or group-study, i would answer self-study. i don't do group study much. but now, group-study will be like my revision and discussion stage. group-study comes in a lot of advantages. firstly, it covers up things that we don't know or missed. secondly, when we hear it from our friend's voice, it's easier for the brain to remember rather than reading. thirdly, it's easier to understand things we don't understand. fourthly, we tend to ask confusing things :) usually if i self-study, i wouldn't bother to ask if i meet things i don't understand. well there are just too many to list down but one thing that i learned recently, group-study is very good because it's a type of sharing Allah's knowledge. ilmu Allah. every knowledge in this world comes from him and belong to Him. and Allah adores those who seek knowledge especially those who share it with others. so in a way, group-study gives us plenty of rewards by sharing His knowledge with other people. and if we truly seek knowledge because of Him, insyaAllah He will help us when we encounter difficult things and He will give the knowledge to those who seeks it ^^

so you see, togetherness comes with a lot of good things. it prevent us from developing the individualism in ourselves. togetherness will definitely strengthen friendship and especially ukhuwah. there are a lot more that we can learn and get from togetherness but i think i've wrote a pretty long post this time. hahah. insyaAllah i will try to insert some values in my other posts. 

until then :)

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