"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

04 February 2010

i was lucky


this was what happened at the jpj test :s

it's great that i get to drive the same car i used during all my classes.but somehow,it felt totally different :o i adjusted my seat n ready to hit the gas up onto that hill. yes, bukit. i stopped on the line and pass :D turun time. something happened. as i was about to move forward,my engine went dead. damn. i started again n since the jpj didnt say anything and i wasn't moving backward, so i pass bukit. alhamdulillah. thank you Allah, all went well after that. LULUS :)

this is the worst part. well, for jalan raya, many were worrying on driving the new Viva and the female JPJ. and all those worries went to me -___-" at that moment, i could only hoped for a miracle.

it started quite nice actually.the female JPJ was kinda friendly. at least she talked.haha. some JPJ didn't talk at all in the car. and then it's time to get out to jalan raya. nak masuk simpang dah ni when my Viva engine went dead. oh my god oh my god. what's gonna happen now??

       "awak lepas clutch awal sangat.start engine balik.tekan minyak sikit dan jaga clutch"

err okay.and so i started again. the thing with Viva is...well, im not used to it. i know i know we should be able to drive any car but... taknak cakap lah. tak reti pun bab bab ni.huhu

well it was very nice of her to tell me what i was forgetting. i was so lucky to have her (^_^) untill....

my engine went dead again at the traffic light! oh no! oh no! im gonna faiilll! noooo!!

       "kenapa awak ni? tekan minyak tu, lepas clutch slow-slow."
       "awak mati enjin je awak gelabah. cepat2 la start enjin balik"
       "handbrake tak lepas"
       "hiyy,mcm mana lah awak ni. ni kira baik saya tolong awak."
       "kalau ikutkan, mana saya cakap dengan calon apa nak buat"
       "buat betul2,jangan terlepas lagi lepas ni. sepatutnya awak tak boleh dah ni. banyak sangat    
         mati enjin"
       "terlepas traffic light sekali pun tak boleh dah sebenarnya. saya bagi awak satu lagi peluang"

wuuuu! time tu rasa cam nak nangis je! but i cannot lose this one only chance. sob sob.

and the light turns green. no jumping off, no bumping off, no dead engine. fuuuhhh! nasib BAIK. i drived, did the u-turn and once again, the traffic light is red. jgn mati enjin lagi.jgn mati enjin lagi.huhu

        "jangan mati enjin lagi.tekan minyak.tahan clutch"

okay. i did as she said. aaaaah! bergegar skit macam nak mati enjin tapi nasib BAIK tak mati. i drived the whole way back. dlm hati ni risau sangat, isy pas ke tak ni. tapi kalau gagal, mesti dia tak bagi drive dah.lulus la ni kot :s huhu.

lepas dah park kereta, she handed me the paper. LULUS. oh my god. alhamdulillah! i apologized to her for what happened and thanked her a lot. went out of the car and everything was all over. gladly.

ps:// as i was waiting for my mum to pick me up, i saw the same female jpj with another calon in the same white Viva on their way back. but she was driving. not the calon. at that time, i knew i was lucky. and i will never ever drive a manual car ever again.


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