"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

12 October 2010

to love is to be understanding :)


the title to my post today can relate to many things :)

people for instant. before you want to be loved, you have to love first. it's like giving. when u give something, u will get something back and sometimes, u will get more from it. and so to love, is to first being understanding. 

when u meet a new person, u dont eventually fall in love with that person at that very moment also. maybe u do know the name of that person but just to know the name doesnt mean that u know that person well. that's why, for the love to grow in our heart, we have to open our hearts, accept everything about that person and begin to understand that person's heart and mind. and only then, u will have the feelings of care, concern and love for that person. but of course, it is very important that u SINCERELY open ur hearts :) kaneshna(of course) la when u open ur heart that means u r sincere kan. hahah.

or in simpler words, tak kenal maka tak cinta :)

or or boleh jugak, don't judge a book by its cover. haa, ni la nak cakap ni.

nowadays, kids, students, people, study only for tests, examinations. but only how many people are there in this world that study truly for his life, for knowledge? 

most of us (including me) usually study only when it comes to tests and exams but guys, this is a bad example xD because, when u study only for tests and exams, u tend to forget everything that u have studied after the exams are finished. its true. but its different with when u study because u want to study, because u want to know, to learn, u will remember that thing for the rest of ur life. insyaallah.

and one more thing that can help us study better is to know the reason why we study. is it to get good grades? is it because of our parents? because of our friends? because of lecturer? or because it is ur goal in ur life to become a good and dedicated doctor to the public? or because knowledge is a valuable gift from Allah for us to uncover? u know ur reasons :)

i am very very thankful to Allah SWT that i am now a 1st year medical student in Moscow State Medical University. as a medical student, of course it is the requirement to learn anatomy and as an addition, we have Latin Language in our syllabuses. why latin language? well, we are learning latin not for communication but for medical terminology because medical terminology that we are using right now originates from the latin words. so when we learn Latin, we are learning the body as well :) 

now it makes sense to us why this part on the cervical vertebrae is named Fovea Costalis Processus Transversus. fovea in latin means pit. processus transversus is the tranverse process where process would be the bone that is pointing outside. so, on the transverse process, there is a pit. so that part is called Fovea Costalis Processus Transversus or the pit of the transverse process :) the latin language also has grammar which we havent learn yet but it is indicated by the changes in the ending of the words. so now, it is easy for me to name that part of the cervical vertebrae.

so u see, when we know the reason behind of why it is like this and why it is like that give us a better understanding on that particular matter. and that understanding, when achieved, makes u feel happy, enlighten, free because u know of the reason why and u understand. that makes u begin to love that thing. as for me, i begin to love anatomy :)

and when u love that subject, u can excel in it. insyaallah (as for me too) so my dear friends, dont treat the process of studying and learning as something compulsory without knowing the reason why. u must know what the reason for u to study, study with sincerity, open hearts and be understanding. insyaallah, u will study well :) semoga ilmu yang dipelajari diberkati oleh Allah SWT.

to love is to be understanding.

do u love God?

as for Muslims, do u love Allah?

yes? no?

if yes, alhamdulillah :)

if no, maybe u dont understand what is God or who is God.

dont worry, dont worry :) learning process is never ending :)

to love is to be understanding. i know somewhere deep in our hearts, we want to feel that love for Allah. sometimes, we might think we have that love for Allah but then the love to other things are more than the love that is supposed to be for our Creator. if it is not for Him, we would not exist in this world. if it is not for the air he gave, we would not be able to breathe till this moment. that's why, we must find that love for Him :')

but first, we should learn to know Him, learn to know more about Him, learn to know everything that is related to Him so that we know the reason why, so that we gain that understanding, so that that yearning love will grow beautifully in our hearts, insyaallah, with Allah will, anyone can get what they want :)

To love is wonderful!
To understand is amazing :)

Im not that good with words but i hope u get what i want to say x) melalut skit malam2 nih. hehe.


[oh, remember, when u dont feel loved by others, always know that Allah is very near to u and He always love u :) ]


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