"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

02 December 2008



Dah masuk bulan December!!
that means : sebulan lagi nak jadi Form 5
heh. thn dpn SPM doh
i'm excited actually. haha. it's challenging wat?
except there is one fact that i have to face.
after SPM.
it might be the one thing that some people want the most.
but I? i find it scary. hahah. well yea. we are living on our own.
tapi best jugak! :D
nisha nisha. ape2 lah
but another thing for sure;
no way people!
i'd rather go and work at mcD instead of camping.
i'g get money you know.hah. $$

Dear Kementerian Pelajaran,
please do not choose me as a candidate for PLKN.
Your co-operation is very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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