"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

31 December 2008



seperti juga elemen2 plot dalam novel dan antologi, tahun ni pun ade gak plotnye dan sekarang sudah sampai ke peleraian. haha.

let's review back 2008;
-started upper form life. haha
-got into mrsm pc
-went to minggu bahasa zon timur for dramafest. lost to MRSM KT(mktb zarifah ;p bwekk) haha
-tried a new sport: tennis & lovin' it :D
-shocked with sem 1's result
-hari puteri "dari puteri untuk puteri"; danced Bollywood XD, fashion show as Mandarin girl
-went to KEJORA (kejohanan olahraga MRSM se-Malaysia) kat MRSM KT gak x) but this time KT tak menang XD haha
-had the worst fever in my whole life. DEMAM PANAS gler sampai my friends tak sanggup nak pegang.it was caused by a throat infection & mama marah for being too active. haha.
-tukar kelas from 4 Ammar to 4 Nukman because taking EST
-all EST classes are a whole lot of fun ;p cuz there's only the 7 of us.
-try out for BWP and made it to manifesto but lost to the votes xD (bak kata Cikgu Sapawi," tu la ernisha, awk kurang pengaruh") what to do. i am. haha. but ZARIFAH got the post as EXCO MASIH at MRSM KT. congrats fah!
-also realized BWP is too big for me.
-minggu aktiviti sem 2 (sem 1 tak merase, went to minggu bahasa) at student night award, performed 3 shows on 1 night; singing XD (lol, still cant believe i did that), choiring and drama.
-got an award that night. cam tak caye je [most versatile form 4 XD]
-be helpers for SUMUR (Sukan Zon Timur).
-homeroom activity; picnic at Pantai Irama, Bachok.
-try out for PRS. also realizing PRS is the better choice for me ;p
-oh & yeah i'm a PRS now. love the family :D
-puasa! the best experience at mktb :D
-Raya Request! (request card among MRSMs & others) PRS first project ;p
-sambutan raya at mktb. PRSes berpictures. best!
-PRS 0708 and 0809 outing! went to Pantai Irama, Bachok.again.but this time 100 times lagi GEMPAQ!
-it's all about PRS after that x) ngee.
-drama-ing throughout the year either i acted or i directed. hehe. Hari Guru, Student Night Award, Merdeka, Annual Dinner form 5.
-final exam sem 2.
-f4 school session over.
-& i think that's about it at PC
-banyak rupanya apa yg i dah buat at PC
-holiday, SEM, outings!, homework, blogging, eating, sleeping, shopping
-results! oh menurun :(
-Jakarta & Bandung

-end of 2008 ;)

-hello 2009 :D

tomorrow will be the new page of my life. insyaallah, more GOOD things will happen next year ;p

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