"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

17 December 2008

got tagged?

Senaraikan 8 perkara rawak tentang anda kemudian tag 8 orang.


NOMBOR 1 - saye suke buku cerite. suke BUKU. tapi tak bace. hah. seriusly, hahah. i love buying books. i love books. like if i see this book yg i noe about it, i get excited! when i see a book with pretty cover, i go "uuu! niiiice :D" & when i feel this book cam interesting. i bought it. balik umah, excitedly bukak the first page & then close it again. pastuu put it aside.kat bookshelves. until some time, oh, buku ni! tak bace lg. bukak the first page. oh, close it again. haha. but it oly happens to books yg cam tak best sangat. buku2 yg best, oh i never put it down until i finish it :D easier said, saya SUKA buku tapi KURANG membaca.actually.

NOMBOR 2 - saye tak penah naik KTM atau any pengangkutan AWAM on my own. believe it or not. hahah. well, biasenye, anywhere i want to go, my mum will make sure i do have the transport to go to whatever place it is. bukan nak kata dimanjakan, euu no! tapi my mum cam wont allow me go anywhere by myself. haha.time keluar ngan amal, i mesti naik ngan die.sorry to trouble u amal but senang skit pun ;p & now kbetulan my brother tgh holiday, he's the one to send me directly to anywhere i want to go. boleh kate,i bukan senang2 je bole keluar XD haha.

NOMBOR 3 - i dont have chemistry with technology. tehnically, saye kuno with technology.

NOMBOR 4 - i always try out the outfits that i just bought as soon as i got home. haha. or anything that is newly bought. baju, seluar, kasut even stationaries. i kinda have fear of feeling regret with what i just bought. ye la, sometimes i bought this shirt. in the end it actually looks bad on me. although mase shopping it looks nice. so i will try and mix&match the outfit that i just bought so that i wont feel any regret later.

NOMBOR 5 - i've gain a lot of weight since masuk asrama. oh god! sometimes i wonder jugak, best sangat ke duk asrama ni. selera jer.hurmm..i dont know la. balik umah, i dont eat much. & when i think about it again, if what i eat at home same je ngan what i eat at asrama, then how come i gained more weight? & worse, my adik broke the penimbang berat kat umah. how am i ever going to know how much i weight now?

NOMBOR 6 - i prefer my own imagination than seeing it real. well, when i read, i have my own movie, my own imagination of how the story is in my own little mind. but when the story became a movie, it gets UGLY. maybe i was hoping the movie to be like what i imagined but at least the movie should be like what i expected and i could still enjoy seeing it alive ;p && i would say Twilight kinda disappointed me?

NOMBOR 7 - CHOCOLATE BESTT! oh i lurrrrve chocolates. & i enjoy foundee at Amuleto dat day. Thank u Mun for the treat!!

NOMBOR 8 - i can do a lot of things but i'm not the BEST in it. was that why i won Most Versatile at PC Student Night Award? ahaks XD && ape2 pun i enjoy everything i do. Alhamdulillah.

nak tag sape ek? anyone lah yg rase2 cam nak buat :) ngeee.

ni la rak buku.


    im a fan too :D