"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam islam secara KESELURUHAN dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu." (2:208)

17 December 2008

i'm SCARED : Nisha Edison?


I've been
planning to face my worst fear and today i face it.
Let's say it's something that you have to face very frequently to overcome the fear.
Before i start, i already felt the shiver in my hands. Even thinking of it makes me shaking.
But i HAVE to face it. i MUST. it's something that i could not run from. i just have to.
I faced my fear. at first, it was fine. second time, i..uh need reference. the third time, i give up.
I tried again. Fine, try another way. Umm, maybe. but just maybe.
failed again.

What should i do? i keep running away from it. im scared of it
. i really am.
This thing that i'm afraid of, it's COMPULSORY in life. there's no way i could just put it aside.
I have tried A LOT of times but i never get the right way. and then, i ended up crying.
yeah, the only thing that could
make me cry without even hurting me. but crying wont help would it?
This thing will always be around me and yet i'm scared.
i know a person that might just help. but she's not someone that i can just meet whenever i want.

and then it goes back to me. it's ME! im the only one who can overcome my own fear. my worst fear.
i will just have to try again.

That also reminds me of what i said to my friends.
"kalau jatuh, bangun balik" right. i forgot. XD ha
i should never give up. NEVER.
Thomas Edison tried 1000 ways to invent the light bulb. and only on the 1001th way did he succeed.

not giving up and the strong will to succeed is the key. yes, nisha. be NISHA EDISON! XD

Dear whoever who is reading this right now,
I hope you could pray for me to overcome this UNAVOIDABLE fear.
I must if i want to survive.
Thank you.

Insyaallah. Ameen.

ps: this fear? i could not tell ;p

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